Hello world!

Hello world! Here I am, finally starting my own sewing blog after thinking about it for months! Why was I dragging my feet about creating a blog? Well,  there were a few reasons I did not want to start my sewing blog:

1. I am a pretty lousy writer. Look at this short conversation between me and my less-evil-twin-sister:

me:  what us my most common typo?
me: is*
me: lol
less-evil-twin-sister:  tunips instead of tulips
less-evil-twin-sister: duel instead of duet

2. I am too lazy to double check my bad spelling and grammar, thus subjecting my poor readers to a great variants of juebberish. (But don’t worry, I have my fiance double checking my grammar here to keep my inner juebberish under control).

3. I have a pretty good record of starting a blog and never updating after 3 posts.

However, I did finally start this! There are of course, quite a few reasons I finally decided to get on the blogging wagon:

1. I love attention! My burdastyle account helps me getting the daily/weekly attention I need, but the more, the merrier, right?

2. My previous crafty hobbies such as jewelry making, knitting, soft toy making, all took a dive for the darkest corner in my closet after a few month, just like my other blogs. However, sewing clothing for myself has stuck around for 2.5 years now and I do not see it going in my closet for a while. In fact, I would have a hard time stuffing my whole sewing room into my closet! So maybe this blog would survive!

3. Having a blog would encourage me to document my sewing process, which is important for me when I need to re-use a pattern, and would also help answer questions from my fellow burdastylers!

4. Lastly and most importantly, the Selfish Seamstress has raged war on me. I have always envied her blog, in fact, there are many many blogs I envy. However, her provocative words were the last straw! As a nemesis, I must have a blog to be able to get back at her!

So hello, world!

13 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Great first post! I’m looking forward to reading more entries and I hope D doesn’t do too good a job at fixing your grammatical mistakes. 😛

    I think reason 3 for starting your blog is the best: it is beneficial both to you and your readers (including me!).

    I can’t wait for you to post photos of your own designs! Shorties rule!

  2. Lol, I can already see this is going to be such a fun blog. Can’t wait for more to come. I’m eagerly waiting, especially for the pictures! I just added you to my bookmark so you can’t slack off on me now =) We’ll all be very disappointed otherwise. Here’s to you raging a war!! *cheers*

  3. Awesome! Now I won’t have to bug you for pictures of your creations. You have an obligation to the world now! 😛

  4. yay, i am glad you are starting a blog. I can’t wait to learn from you, my fellow petite seamstress

  5. I actually spotted you via the Selfish Seamstress–I’m a BurdaStyler, but I’m just now getting back into it after a too-long clothes sewing hiatus! This looks like it’s going to be a fun blog (spelling mistakes and all), and I’ll have to look you up on Burda!

  6. Good going, i’ve started and i can’t get past the first few posts that plus i successfully dismembered my camera shortly after starting the blog

  7. Congratulations on the blog. And that would be “waged war”, right? Not “raged war”? Just saying :).

    1. oh!! that make so much more sense now, i thought “raged” didnt sound so right 😛 I guess my finace and my less-evil-twin-sister decided to let that stay as part of my character 😉

  8. So glad you are here! I am really new to sewing garments and was inspired by your sewing skills that I saw on The Selfish Seamstress blog.
    Welcome to the blog world 🙂

  9. Yay for starting the blog! I’ve quietly admired your foxy sewings on Burdastyle for a good while now, so the more I can spy on the processes and makings of your covetable clothes, the better 🙂

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