First Self-Drafted Skirt

I bought myself a book, How to make Sewing Patterns by Donald H.McCunn, and it is AWESOME. I never RTFM, but this one, I make the exception even though it has no pretty pictures at all. The instructions are very very very very clear, and it teaches you how to manipulate the patterns to make advanced patterns out of the basic. So once you have spent a few hours to draft the basic pattern, it is pretty easy to change it for your own need over and over again. I used instructions from that book and drafted a skirt that fit perfectly!

If your weight doesnt fluctuate too much or you dont plan to wear your clothing for too long, I think its worth learning how to draft from this book and get yourself some truly fitted tops and skirts!

Anyway, more on this skirt! It has 8 pieces and I made it slightly flared. It has two easy welt pockets (made between seams to minimize work) and one line top stitch all over. I dont think i bothered with shrinking this fabric, so at the seam it has a lot of ripple-ly things. I think thats exactly the look I want on my jean seams!

Material list

  • 1 yard of super soft cotton twill from (sold out)
  • tiny bit of Michael Miller ocean rain dot from (sold out there but available elsewhere
  • 1 spool beige(E8) HEAVY thread from coats and clark
  • an 8 inch zipper

6 thoughts on “First Self-Drafted Skirt

  1. Your work is beautiful! You make me want to get that book 🙂 I was just looking at Don McCunn’s blog and on March 9th he added a free PDF update for this book, which was originally printed in 1977. Here is a link if you want to see it

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