Petite Republic Give Away– big circle circle dress!

Have you ever sewn something that you liked and were proud of, only to keep it hidden in the closet and never wear it? I know I have done plenty of that. Sometimes,  it is just not my style; sometimes, the fitting isnt perfect; and sometimes, i just don’t get a chance to wear it that often.

But what do you do with all that nicely sewn stuff in your closet? I don’t like to donate them with all my other cloths — simply because whoever who are shopping in thrift stores will not realize that someone had put all that effort into making this garment, and it will not be appreciated since its not a name brand.

And I, as the almost always shortest person among my friends, cant really imagine too many appropriate (read: who is into the style AND short) girls to give away some garments. So I thought: hey! would anyone who reads my blog want them? YOU, might be short, YOU, might like this dress, and YOU, will appreciate all that effort put into sewing! So here is the start of many (hopefully not too many, since  I have a better grasp of my style now) series of PetiteRepublic give away!

So here is my first give away — big circle circle dress! I made this in summer 2008 when I first met my serger.I wore it only once after I have made it, what a shame! Its made of polyester but I loved the circle patterns! You can wear it loose or wear it with a belt, OR you can alter it into a bubble dress/top easily since the bottom is just finished with serger.  I imagine that if you are taller than 5ft, this dress might look too short on you (haha, suck on that, normal height people!!!) and would be better as a top.

Anyway, the only real size requirement for this garment is that your chest size should be somewhere between 30 and 35 inches. If you want this dress, just leave me a comment and tell me why I should pick you! If there is more than 1 person who wants it, I’ll pick the person who made me laugh most or the person who seem most desperate for it 🙂 OH! And if you are outside US, leave your country name as well so I can look up how much shipping would cost me — if its not too much I will put you into consideration as well! Make sure that you leave your email address so that I can contact you for shipping address. You have 1 week from today to be the winner!

11 thoughts on “Petite Republic Give Away– big circle circle dress!

  1. I deserve this dress because I put in approx 50% when buying the house you’re living in. And also, i’m a 6′ tall with a 40-42″ chest, so I think it might work well as a apron (once I have my wonderful kinda-wife fix it up). PLEASE PICK ME

      1. I hope so too. I fear, however, that the contest is height-biased (say that 10x faster! dun dun DUN!). I hope the next contest is either by height or by chest size (not cup size.. though I guess protective cups do come in different sizes).

  2. Love! I want. I’m 5ft and this would be perfect in my current summer wardrobe. I would need it turn heads while drinking cold beers and grilling in a backyard party. My own fitting disaster, Build by Wendy dress in a grey-yellow circle print from amybutler, is thankfully not documented on the web but winning this would be a real pick me up.

  3. I want it to! I deserve it for several reasons:
    1. I am also 4’11” and those of us under 5′ have to stick together because conversations such as this one occur all too often…
    – how tall ARE you?
    – 4’11”
    – so you’re a midget?
    – no, I’m not short enough
    – are you sure? I really think you could get disability. Do you get disability? And a special parking spot? You are holding out on us, aren’t you?!?
    – NO! I am still within normal limits, medically.
    – Then how short is a midget? I think you are a midget. I don’t believe you… (you have to be under 50″ and over 18 yrs to be a midget FYI)
    2. I have the requisite knockers (34″ bust baby!) which is NOT an easy combination.
    3. I am already writhing in jealousy multiple times daily at your skill with the sewing machine after sewing only 2 yrs.
    4. I am one FULL INCH shorter than the other gal so the dress length will be more appropriate on me. You don’t want to contribute to the delinquency of a fellow almost-midget.

  4. Great dress! I’m 5 Ft. tall and I think there’s a circle on that dress for every time I have heard ” You’re so tiny!” I’ve always been tempted to reply “Well, you’re so big!” but I restrain myself, But, I wouldn’t restrain myself from wearing that ultra-cute dress – for once, the height is right, the boobs are right – Pick me!!

  5. Love the dress, love the fabric! I’m not tiny (5’8″ and 34″ bust) so it would probably be a shirt for me — either that or an apron, it would be so cute!

    Love your blog, thanks for all the useful tips!

  6. What a gorgeous dress but boo hoo!! I deserve it for being 5’1 and having the absolute messiest “sewing room” ever, but I couldn’t even begin to have it (I have too much junk, erm, goodies, in my top drawer and the bust size would be a no-go).

    But you are SO sweet to do a dress giveaway this way! I’ve never wanted to donate things I’ve made for the same reasons. I think this is the PERFECT solution.

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