WINNAAAAR for Circle Dress

Its time to announce the winner of my big circle circle dress! There are so many worthy contestants that I had a hard time picking the winner.

I was going to go with the comment that made me laugh the most:

Dexter: I deserve this dress because I put in approx 50% when buying the house you’re living in. And also, i’m a 6′ tall with a 40-42″ chest, so I think it might work well as a apron (once I have my wonderful kinda-wife fix it up). PLEASE PICK ME

There was humor, desperation (read: guilt-tripping), and I know the dress is going to a great home, but he refuses to wear the dress for a photoshoot, so I disqualified his entry.

This fellow 4-footer totally caught my attention:

Jackie: I am also 4′11″ and those of us under 5′ have to stick together because conversations such as this one occur all too often…
– how tall ARE you?
– 4′11″
– so you’re a midget?
– no, I’m not short enough
– are you sure? I really think you could get disability. Do you get disability? And a special parking spot? You are holding out on us, aren’t you?!?
– NO! I am still within normal limits, medically.
– Then how short is a midget? I think you are a midget. I don’t believe you… (you have to be under 50″ and over 18 yrs to be a midget FYI)

Truth be told, I had being told and half believed for YEARS that I could get a disability parking spot because I am under 5 ft. DARN, so that is not true, thanks to Jackie, I did not have to go wait at DMV just to be laughed at!

But as informative as Jackie’s comment is, I also liked the image of Pam sipping a cool beer in my circle dress in the backyard looking great and getting the attention of everyone around her!

Darn! So I decided to toss a coin to decide between Pam and Jackie. (Peanutbutter and Jam!)  Congrats Jackie! Expect a package in your mail in ~ 2 weeks!

To the rest — Thank you for all the wonderful comments! It really made my day that so many girls would want it and can actually fit into it! Don’t be sad, I have more stuff coming up (and I think one would actually do well with taller girls)! Stay tuned!

One thought on “WINNAAAAR for Circle Dress

  1. That’s a really cute dress! Reading your blog makes me wish again that I could sew (believe me, I’ve tried!!). I’m also slightly under 5 ft so it would’ve been nice to be able to make clothes for myself. But everything I’ve ever tried to make is an unwearable mess… so I turned to knitting to make custom-fitted garments (I have some pictures on my blog).

    Oh and I totally always thought that the definition of a midget was under 5 ft… but the disability parking thing… hilarious! If only… 🙂

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