Seam.. Seams… Seamstress!

I love going to the bookstore to just browse their the pictures in their sewing books. Last week I dropped by the bookstore with my sort-of-husband and saw the latest issue of Thread:

I was not a big fan of Threads — the issue I got a while back (for free) had some coats and projects that looked really… home-made. However, this issue’s cover dress looks gorgeous! I wish I could find a clearer picture to show you, but the bodice has really intricate seam lines, and the skirt is fun and flowy with lots of seam as well.

I flipped the magazine open, and took a look at the how to. It is basically lots of bias strip of fabric sewn onto the bodice! I do have a corset that I never wear anymore, and it could be a really good base for this dress. I am tempted to make it! It could be very cute as a pretty formal but fun dress. However, it looks like it will take FOREVER to do. Maybe after my wedding (though its a great idea for a fun wedding dress too)! Do you guys like it? Have you ever done something like this?

6 thoughts on “Seam.. Seams… Seamstress!

  1. That bodice is gorgeous- I’d say it’s definitely worth the effort. It’s detailed without being overwhelming. Go for it!

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