Semi-DIY wedding: Rose Bouquet

This is somewhat un-related to sewing, but I like to talk about anyway! For my wedding, I decided to do my own floral arrangements. My friend Ngoc  and I  did a mock up decoration last Friday and we made the cutest bridal bouquet ourselves! 🙂 It was super easy — cut flowers to about 8inches on the stem, hold a few flowers without leaves in hand, slowly adding flowers to the hand. Put flowers with leaves on the outside. when done, rubber band the flowers together, cut the stems again to make sure they are even. roll ribbons tightly around the stem; and at the end, use your sewing pin with white heads and pin the ribbons to place!

Isnt it such an adorable bouquet? And its probably 1/4 the price of a bouquet bought from the stores! With a few river stones to balance cute vases, it looks like a cute center piece as well!

Material :
24 costco flowers
rubber band
hair pins
and an awesome friend!

8 thoughts on “Semi-DIY wedding: Rose Bouquet

  1. Very nice! It’s such a pretty bouquet =) Oh, if you’re taking suggestions, I would suggest adding a little bit of those white small flowers scattered all over so it adds a little ‘white’ to match your dress.

    1. i did think about that! 🙂 but i wanted a clean and simple bouquet, so this might be it!

      hey! you might have to help me with this when you are over the night before!

  2. this is beautiful! i wish i had thought to do my own flowers. our flowers arrived AFTER the wedding, at the reception– and my “petite bouquet” turned out to be 2 feet long!!

    1. oh boy! 2 feet long! I cannot imagine that on us! I am lucky to be throwing a small wedding — if it was larger, I might not be able to do this myself! 😉

  3. What an attractive arrangement. Actually, I like it particularly because it features only two colors and the dark green leaves. It’s not all “fussied up” as commercial arrangements almost always are, and its twice as elegant in its simplicity.

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