Semi-DIY wedding: The Program

I wanted to incorporate some sewing-flavor into my wedding besides what I am going to wear. It wont really be a Jue-be-Dex wedding if there are no threads and fabric involved, right?

For our wedding program, I bought papers from paper and more, an awesome place for bulk and cheap stock paper. I bought three colors of the linen (duh!) paper: black, red, and natural. The service was awesome and quality is SUPURB — they even have cutting service for a reasonable price, so that I dont have to do any cutting!

I originally wanted to wrap fabric around one side 0f our program (like our invitation, which will be posted later with a how-to). But our program had 7 pieces of the cards together, adding fabric made it way too hard to stitch. So I decided to just stitch them together with plain stitches and thick threads. Unfortunately, I did not have white thick threads around, but selfish seamstresses’ rant about double straight stitch totally saved me a trip to the store and 3 dollars. I actually had a triple straight stitch on my little sewing machine, and that seems to do a pretty good job.

(excuse the obvious photoshop to blurb out our last names and dates! 2003 is the year we started going out 🙂 )

Some tricks when I was stitching the program together:

  • I used a size 11 needle –if the needle is too thin and it will break; if it is too thick,  it has a hard time penetrating the papers. I stitched through 40 programs, and only broke 1 needle!
  • Go at a medium speed, at least for my sewing machine. If I go too fast it will skip stitches, and if I go too slow the motor doesnt seem to have the momentum to penetrate the paper
  • I taped a straight block on the sewing machine to help me making a straight and parallel stitch with equal distance for all the programs!

Tada! it took a few hours to do all 40, but its done! 🙂 What do you think? Any other ideas for a sewing-incorporated wedding program?

On a related note. I wanted some card stands to display instructions during our wedding, but I could not find a good looking one anywhere! So my awesome fiance made a bunch of this for me from a tree we cut down in our backyard last year:

sewing wife and wood-working husband…  🙂  I am loving it already!

4 thoughts on “Semi-DIY wedding: The Program

  1. You have done such a fantastic job and they look fab. Your wedding is going to be very creative!! Well done

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