Cute Little Things

I wanted to take a small break from wedding stuff, but did not want to start on anything big before the wedding. I had scrapes from the Maui White dress and some cotton trim from Walmart (they have some good cheap stuff very occasionally) lying around my sewing room. So I decided to make a cute undie!

I used McCall’s M5651, view B. The pattern called for knits but I used cotton. It was cut on bias so it had a LITTLE bit of stretch in it, side ways. To compensate for the lose of vertical stretch, I attached a elastic band on the top to make it sit taller on my hips. This is a true low waist hip hugger! Then I sewed all the trims on. A tip for that: always zip-zag, never straight stitch for stuff that needs to have a little stretch. The first time I attempted on the trims I straight stitched, i couldnt even get into the undie since it lost all the stretch. Even zigzaging the trims on make it loss a little bit of stretch, unless you stretch the base fabric while you are stitching.

I love it! Its all cotton and all cute! Going to wear it with my White for Maui dress to Maui! Most importantly, I felt all calm and happy after making it, very therapeutic!

7 thoughts on “Cute Little Things

  1. totally love these ruffle panties! it would be a super fun bridal shower gift! you are too talented! my sisters and are are just learning how to sew and we are totally addicted! we are trying new things everyday, i hope we get as good as you!

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