Juebejue’s Dad Sews #1

Just saw some photos from my dad  — he made a collections of my old photos in case there was a projector at our wedding so that I can feel a little embarrassed at the wedding  😛  We did not have a projector, but I saw this photo here with me modeling a cute overall and hat my dad made for me! Yes, my dad sews! He was an incredible tailor (lost interest at it after a few years, sadly),  and a really selfless tailor at it too — he had never made anything for himself, only stuff for my mom, me, and around the house. I feel really lucky to have a dad who are really good at tailoring (and wood working, and gardening, and cooking, and engineering, etc etc)

Doesnt that overall look so adorable? It used to be one of my favorite thing to wear. Since I grew VERY VERY slowly, I was able to wear it for the longest time!

Do you know any dad who sews for their kids, or husband who sews for his wife?

11 thoughts on “Juebejue’s Dad Sews #1

  1. Your dad sewed you an overall? Now that’s a story that not everyone can have! I never knew any dad who does that.
    That is such an interesting fact, I hope you will post more about things that your dad make.

  2. Your dad sounds very cool! Your outfit is adorable! Mine used to make me wooden dolls furniture, I wish I still had some of the pieces.

  3. My dad never did sewing, but he could pick out clothes for some of the most awesome outfits, and could also curl and braid my hair when I was really little. When it was just the two of us for a while he had to learn quickly I guess. 🙂 The only things he made for me were welded out of metal or cooked in the kitchen. It’s so cool that your dad did tailoring, it’s a shame he doesn’t do it anymore.

  4. That’s too cute! My mom is a professional tailor/seamstress and my dad can do a little mending here and there. Those overalls are awesome!

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