Honey-pay at Maui!

We went to Maui right after our wedding! It was a really fun trip, lots of beaches, snorkeling, tried boogie boarding, got swallowed by a HUGE wave (my husband insist that it wasn’t that huge, but I swear it was over my head), the road to Hana and waking up at 3am to see the most majestic sunrise  at Hakeajaka was fun too!

But most importantly, we went to FABRIC SHOPS!!! On the plane over to Maui I saw an advertisement for discount fabric shop right near the airport (there are actually at least 3 of them!) and I got sooooo excited. I used my puppy eyes and tricked my husband into driving me there. He was actually quite willing, singing “I’ll take you to the fabric shop” to the tune of Candy Shop by 50 cents.

Anyway, I particularly liked fabric mart and discount fabric warehouse. I probably bought over 15 yards of Hawaiian prints! Expect lots of fun dresses from me this summer!

9 thoughts on “Honey-pay at Maui!

  1. How fun!! You guys are so cute! Hehe.. glad you were able to stop and get some fabric.. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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