Maker Faire!

I am going to Maker Faire in San Mateo this weekend to see Alden and Burdastyle team! I am super psyched about it even though I can only make it for an hour or so. But it would worth the drive up! I think I will wear only stuff made from burdastyle patterns to this event!

This blog may look idle but I am working on a few items:

  • a secret project: completed last week, but cannot be shown just yet!
  • a black skirt: I am so sick of this project. There just isnt a way to gather that skirt just right so that it doesnt look kiddish or make my hips look disproportionally big
  • a properly copied Vivat Veritas backless dress from the Hawaiian fabric stash 😀 I dont yet have a purple dress so I am excited about this one!

Also went a little crazy on ebay and etsy and bought  a bunch of handbag handles and 30 zippers. OOPSIE!!! But they are just so cheap! you can get zippers for under a dollar on ebay that cost over $2 in stores!

3 thoughts on “Maker Faire!

  1. im excited to see your new projects! and wow, less than a buck for a zipper, that’s pretty good. which ebay site do you use? i always need a bunch of invisible zippers…


    1. :D, I used zipperstop this time and I only got the invisible ones! 🙂 they are pretty cheap since they discount off shipping once you buy multiple 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see your hawaiian fabric all made up! I’m going to be in Hawaii this summer so I’m looking for inspiration 🙂

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