Give me wings and I will fly!

It was my less-evil-twin-sister’s birthday the past Monday, and I decided to make her something very cool as her birthday present. She’s a pretty easy person to gift — she loves ultimate Frisbee, she loves cooking good food, she loves gardening, and she loves smart pale looking guys with glasses. She’s also a good gifter, together she and a few friends bought me a set of screen printing kit for christmas last year and I had been wanting to try screen printing for FOREVER!

So I had the greatest idea ever! A very comfortable T-shirt with a cool print in the back for her to play frisbee in. Inspiration stroke and after some looking for cliparts on the internet + manipulation in Window’s painter program, I came up with this:

With some help from my husband, I eventually got it onto a screen ready for screen printing. It was pretty decently easy, but you have to do it in the middle of the day in order to catch a direct sunlight. To see how to create a template for screen printing, you can check out these youtube videos.

Then I made a very simple Tshirt from the most comfortable bamboo jersey ever! Luckily, my less evil twin sister is about the same size as me(duh!), so I used one of my Tshirt as a template and traced off the shape of my creation. Since this bamboo jersey rolls on the edge, I did not have to hem it. All I needed to do is to serge the sides and shoulder seam!  I wanted a no set in sleeve shirt, so that the sleeves flutters casually around the shoulder. It is easier and I actually like it better than the regular Tshirt sleeve.

Then it was screen printing time! That part was a little hard. Perhaps this jersey is more furry than normal, but the paint had a hard time sticking onto it clearly. The first time it looked so terrible that I immediately washed the paint off to try it again.

I think it looks really cute! I really love the softness and comfort of this material, and I LOVE the print!  This is one of those rare instances when I actually feel motivated to make something for a non-family member! My less-evil-twin-sister really loves it!

8 thoughts on “Give me wings and I will fly!

  1. Awesome! So what is the “staying power” of this type of screenprinting? Is it basically like the ones you would purchase from a normal store? Or do you need to wash it more carefully?

    1. hmm! that is a good question — I have no idea! i think my friend would actually wash it normally, so I will ask her after a few washes if the pattern still looks good!

    1. I thought it was going to be tedious after watching the video (linked in post). But it wasnt too bad at all! You need a printer that can print stuff onto transparency, a sunny day, and a toothbrush to wash off the screen, the rest should be in the kit!

  2. Yes! I love the t-shirt! It’s awesome! Can’t wait to go play frisbee wearing it!!! And the bamboo cloth feels soooo soft too.

    Thanks for making it for me. Seriously, I thought you had bought the t-shirt instead of making it from scratch!

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