Maker Faire and Meeting Alden

The past weekend was packed with fun and housework! I went to a birthday dinner,  a sleep over , a dinner party, a bike ride to the farmers market,  a yard work sessio, and I got half-way done with an outdoor summer home for my beloved pet tortoise Koopa:

But most importantly (for sewing), I went to Maker Faire the past Saturday and it was super fun! I went mainly to meet Alden from Burdastyle — and she and David are just awesome! They are so friendly and warm and happy people, and even better looking in person than their model photos! I also got to see some of the Burdastyle projects in real life – Kasia skirt looks really good in real life!

I was going to just go to the fair for an hour or so, but I kept on getting distracted and ended up staying for 4 hours! There were some very cool stuff! I saw a home-made 3-D shadow puppet dome theater (probably the COOLEST thing I had ever seen in Maker Faire), walking spider vehicle, fire + water sculpture… There were a lot of techy projects and lots of sewing related stuff, so it was REALLY fun. There were some good food too. I forgot that I went alone and did not have a hungry guy tagging alone who will eat anything that i give him, and got ambitious with my food:

There were also a section where people sold stuff they made themselves. I went a little shopping crazy and got lots of stuff:

  1. Free fabric from fabmo, if you live around the bay area, you must check them out
  2. Necklace with heart pendant, the heart has gears that moves! unfortunately I forgot to take a card, so I dont know who the seller is!
  3. Free measuring tape from britex
  4. Map-wallet from Kelso Doesn’t Dance
  5. bottle stopper from As Wood as it gets
  6. purse hook from Bumper Friend
  7. Gold fish necklace from Foamy Wader — it moves like a fish!

In conclusion, Maker Faire is SUPER FUN! If it comes near you, you must go! There are quite a lot of sewing related stuff, and its a great place for kids to explore and be interested in making their own stuff!

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