Im back and a Giveaway (no strings attached)!

Hello! We just got back from an extended weekend trip in Yosemite with a pair of close friends who bought us there as their wedding present. It is so beautiful there! The snow was melting, wild flowers were blooming and waterfalls were gushing. I had never been to yosemite with my husband and we had never been there during heavy waterfall season. We hiked an 8 mile trail through forests, cliffs, and lots of waterfalls, and I was sore for 3 days afterwards! Though it was so worth it — I still can remember looking back at one of the water falls (the mist trail is right next to the water fall) and seeing it falling, all the mists, theย greenery, and the rainbow arching half way through it.

But now I am back! I do have a completed piece made from my husband’s old shirt. And right now I am working on this from burda magazine:

Did I ever mention that I hate sewing darts? this dress is full of darts! But I like the shape it created. I used a testing fabric (silky polyester), but I did buy some stretch cotton fabric from, so maybe I will make a real one!

Anyway, the last giveaway wasnt too successful, not sure if its because of my extra requirements or ridiculously small size. So I have decided, I will give it away as long as you enter a comment, theres no need to go to kiva and make a loan — just consider it sometimes in the future. If you can fit the purple dress and still would like it, go ahead and leave a comment there!

Today I would like to give away this zebra skirt for any of the punk rock girls out there, I made it to enter the wenlan competition but it was just not me:

waist: around 26

hip: around 35

material: fake suede

Leave a comment and specifically tell me that you would like it if you want it!

8 thoughts on “Im back and a Giveaway (no strings attached)!

  1. I always have a hard time finding skirts, but your measurements seem to be right in my range – plus, who wouldn’t want some animal print? Rawr!

  2. I absolutely love the style. Won’t fit me of course =/ You skinny girls! And wait, you’ve never been to Yosemite? And wait, wait, this zebra print used to be Dexter’s shirt? Lol. Sorry, I just had to mention it =P

    1. hahaha! i know! i wish we are the same sizes! i had been to yosemite before, just not with dexter. i wish that zebra print is from dexter’s shirt! that would had been funny ๐Ÿ™‚ but dexter’s shirt is in the next post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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