Hawaiian Purse for Mom!

When I was in Maui with my husband, I saw all these little cute Hawaiian print purses for sale. They were going for 35-50 a pop, depending on which gift shop you are at. As adorable as they are, I just could not stand spending that much on a purse! So even though I really wanted to buy them for my mom, I stopped myself and decided to get some sturdy cloth from the fabric shop instead.

Once I got back, I bought a bunch of handbag handles from CottonTouch in Etsy. It took forever to ship (I got it from a seller in Thailand), so here I am, a whole month later, I finally got my handles (they are very pretty though!) and I just couldnt wait to get my sewing on.

Two episodes of How I Met Your Mother (a great great show, by the way) and some guess work later, I finished this handbag for my mom! It isnt lined, but it was very easy — two rectangles with a oval bottom. I didnt try to line it, but in hindsight, it would had been cuter if it was lined.

Handle: $6, Fabric $3 (still have a BUNCH left), savings: $26. Mom: very happy. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hawaiian Purse for Mom!

  1. I L.O.V.E. those handles! Too bad they ship from Thailand though…I’m not sure I have enough patience for that kind of wait. 😮 😛 The bag is adorable, and I’m glad your mom liked it. 🙂

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