Purse on a Roll

I was waiting for my new fabric shipment from fabric.com since none of my current fabric inspired me to make anything for the summer. So I pickup a cute upholstery fabric in my stash and new handles I got from etsy, and made this:

Isnt it adorable? I love that print! Bought it at hancock fabric and took whatever that was left from there. It is an outdoor fabric so it is very sturdy. I only used a little bit of it and the rest is going to be used to upholster a chair.

Yes, thats right, that is a cute separating zippers — a pain to sew on, but less painful than the non-separating zippers. The lining is from left over linen curtain from ikea, very crisp and clean feeling fabric to offset the busy outershell. It had been interfaced with three layers of interface to add more body to offset the heavy handle.  I had to handstitch the top parts of the bag together, due to the wooden handle, my machine wasnt very good around it. I am glad I did, I like how my bag doesnt show any stitches.

Lastly, an embroidered tag! My husband bought me an embroidery machine a while back so that I can make cute tags for my stuff, I love it!

ok, bag-fever is over for me, time to do more dresses!

9 thoughts on “Purse on a Roll

  1. OOooo….I think you can go into business with this! Love the print and handle. Now I want one too! 😛

  2. My absolutely favorite part is the tag. You should put one on each and every one of your creation! That’d be really cool, Juebejue

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