Mr Towel

When I was a teenager (omg, I haven’t ever said these words!), before I started sewing clothing, I have sewn a lot of soft toys. I gave away almost all of those soft toys to my friends before I left Singapore. But I kept my first creation, Mr Towel.

As you can see, being a teenager and all I didnt have much money to buy fabric, so I used an old towel and old pillow stuffing. I used cardboard for joints, which is why I can’t ever give him a bath. I did buy those pink felt and the two puppy eyes. Now more than 10 years later, Mr Towel is still sitting right above my serger station, keeping me company. Sure he is dirty and a little sluggish, but he’s still so cuddly and those innocent eyes, so cute! Oh and not to mention, he’s entirely hand sewn, no sewing machine!

Have you ever sewn soft toys? If you do, you should try towels! They make adorable bears!

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