Dart Dress Fail

I really need to take some photos! I had finished the burda dress 2010-02-125:

Not exactly thrilled about the result — the fit is really weird with all the darts, and I am no good with fitting darted garments. I loved the fabric used in this project — silky, stretchy, dark and luxurious floral prints. It is too bad that the garment itself sucks — half way through the project I know this isn’t going to look right, so I did the minimum amount of work so that it would make a nice photo shoot session dress, with no lining at all and no fitting. When I walk around with this dress, the skirt keeps riding up. Perhaps my butt is a little larger than I thought. The pattern itself can also use a vent on the back of the skirt. All in all, I think it looks sexy, but not exactly something I want to move around in.

It doesnt look too bad on the dressform, maybe because the dressform is stiff and stretched out the fabric to a good shape!

I see all these gorgeous dresses on the internet and wonder if I should put myself through another 10 darts and make this in another fabric!

But to get my sewjo (heard this term on burdastyle and love it!) back, I decided to sew a sure-win cotton dress with a cute floral print that I can wear to work. I love it! It didnt look very good on the dress form, so I will show you the results after our photo session this weekend! (Isnt it funny that some garments look better on dressforms than on person, while others look better on person than dressform…) Also I followed grosgrain‘s frock by friday and have a real funky dress to show soon!

10 thoughts on “Dart Dress Fail

  1. It does look good on the dressform. But I cannot imagine you wearing it. The fabric look too mature! But I’m sure you’ll surprise me =) Can’t wait to see you wearing it.

  2. It looks really good on the dress form. Are you sure you don’t want to model it for us? It looks so pretty!

    Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. I am sure the next project will be fabulous.

  3. Hi,
    This dress looks gorgeous on the form but I know what you mean about the skirt riding up. I think it needs a slit in the skirt somewhere. Maybe in the centre seam at the back or at the front on the thigh?? Love the fabric though!! Keep it up!!

  4. It does looks gorgeous on the dressform. Sorry it didn’t work out for you, but thanks for the warnings… I’m going to be working on this in the near future.

  5. It does look great on the dressform! I had problems too, specifically the lower back darts. So, you are not alone. I have a very extra long torso, which I guess means a very low bum, which means those darts hit my lower back area instead and poof out. I ended up taking it in to try to fix them, and it’s a bit too tight now. But wearable, until I sit down 😉 I really like it though, so I think I’ll do a little more work and at least wear it to a wedding. Such a pretty pattern, I just really needed a muslin… And yes, a vent would be very helpful (I created my own).

    1. aww, do let me know if you have pictures to show us! if i cant get it to fit me right, id like to see other people do! the shape it creates is so sexy!

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