Juebejue’s Dad sews #2

As mentioned in a previous post, my dad is a really talented tailor. Most of time he follows a pattern, but sometimes he dreams something up and after some fabric tearing, frantic sewing, and comes up with dreamy stuff like this:

That is an old photo of my mom modeling a beautiful skirt dad made for her, isnt she so pretty? (And that top, it is so in style RIGHT NOW!) According to mom, dad bought two pieces of fabric, one with blueish patterns and one pure white. When he got home, he proceeded to tear them into tiny squares, which bewildered my grandpa — why would someone tear a whole piece of fabric into scrapes?! But dad then painstakingly sew each squares together, with small laces between each layers, and tada! He created a timeless piece for my mom.

This is probably my favorite thing out of all the outfits dad made for mom. I used to wear it on my head so I can pretend I have long white hair. Almost twenty years later, I conveniently inherited this skirt from mom since its more age appropriate for me.  This is the only piece of creation we kept throughout the years of moving around. We carried it from China, then to Singapore, then to here in the UC. It is probably one of the most sentimental piece of clothing I have. I only wear it during special occasions, like my high school graduation:

And last weekend, I decided to have my husband take a few photos of me in this skirt:

As you can see, the elastic waistband had aged so much that it is sitting on my hips instead of waist. I like the style anyhow — I felt like a belly dancer! Dad had the foresight of sewing casing for the elastic band, so all I need to do is take out the old elastic band and insert new ones! Perhaps one day, my daughter would be wearing this as well! (Lets hope the polyester doesnt yellow with age!)

Do you have anything you wear that is passed down from your parents? Or even more impressive, your grandparents?

6 thoughts on “Juebejue’s Dad sews #2

  1. What a neat story about such a simple, beautiful skirt! I love anything that’s hand-me-down/vintage. My family moved around too much or have always been too poor to have anything of quality that would last. I do have old photos that I cherish and only take out once in a while for fear of them turning yellow.

    You look absolutely sexy in that dress…love the curves and belly. Sorry, gotta point that out! 😛

  2. Oh my! The skirt looks beautiful! Where did the red/orangey fabric come from? There’s a lot more than white and blue. Are those scraps of fabric from elsewhere? I love the pattern he created from small pieces of fabric. What a timeless piece! I used to have hand-me-downs from my elder sis. But not from my Mum. Don’t have the same sense of style I guess, lol. Anyways, I really hope it lasts too! Store it in a vacuum pack when not it use! I think your parents passed down more than a skirt. They passed down the practice of you girls modeling for them also =) I never knew your Mum modeled! That’s so cool!

  3. What a great skirt! Hehe… I recently discovered my grandmother’s clothes in my closet back at my parent’s house. I brought them back with me… I haven’t decided if I’d just wear it as is or refashion it. 🙂

  4. Such a fun skirt with a beautiful history!

    I have a few of my mom’s clothes from the 60’s and 70’s. I also wore her veil (without the huge 1972 headband) at our wedding, along with a bracelet made with pearl beads that had been my grandmother’s (she was a knitter/seamstress/crafter and didn’t use them all before she passed, so they came to me).

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