Rocking Chair Do-Over

A while back, I started having this desire to turn old furnitures into cute, bright, fresh furnitures after I had repainted a free >60 year old sewing machine table. So a few weeks ago, I decided that my brown living room (brown couches, brown coffee table, brown entertainment center… ) with some self-sewn blue-brown pillows needs a new splash of color.

Looking around the room, I quickly identified an easy repaint target: my 20 dollar craigslist find:

(yes, I made the cover for that stool!)

Inspired and encouraged by all the spray painting done by running with scissors, I decided to try my luck at spray painting. I bought 2 primer and 2 yellow paint spray from lowes, and a lacquer + brush from walmart. All made in incremental purchases since I had no idea I needed this much paint and layers on a chair.  Here is a picture of the chair after it had a few coats of primer:

It actually looks pretty nice as white, eh? I didnt bother with sanding the original coat, since it was quite old and I could not imagine myself hand sanding all the curves like I did for my table. Besides, I never had the patience to clean off the dusts properly and they end up sticking back to my paint. So all I did was use a wet towel and wiped down the chair. Then spray painted the chair and let dry between each spray. Amazingly, it stuck!

Anyway, I then sprayed it with yellow paint a few times (let dry between coats!)  until my cans are empty. Then I lacquered it a few layers until it is shiny (use a good brush, mine is crappy, so the hair keeps on falling out and getting stuck on the chair). Then lightly sanded it the lacquer coat to make it smooth. Now, I have a cute brand new chair:

I think the 3 different layers of stuff really paid off. Unlike my sewing table, the paint doesnt look like its going to peel off. Unlike the sewing table, it feels smooth, not sticky to the touch. However, I feel conflicted about using spray paint:

Pro: Fast, paint/brush does not get dirty, even coat is easier to achieve, quick try

Con: messy  (powder everywhere in my garage), expensive (3-4 dollar each can), and I think I get slightly high even in a ventilated area

So I am not sure if I would be using spray paint for my next chair re-vamp project. But for now, my cat Sophie loves laying there on a lazy afternoon (seriously, she loves this chair much more than before), so I say, project success!

6 thoughts on “Rocking Chair Do-Over

  1. The color matches Sophie so well too! No wonder she likes it so much. Haha, it complements her =) But seriously, man, that sounds like a lot of work =)

  2. Nice job! I also am ambivalent about spray paint. If you have paint powder all over your garage, imagine what is in your lungs (or did you wear a mask?)

  3. When can I drop my rocking chair by for a make-over? 😛

    Great job! I love that you painted it yellow. Very summery and happy. Knowing your house decor, I think the color is perfect!

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