Juebejue’s Dad Sews – the 80s shoulder pads

While I wish I still had some outfits made by dad, there are some trends that I just dont think I can ever pull off. That is the notorious big should pads, from the power women of the 80s (or in this case, 90s in China).

(YES, THAT IS A REAL SNAKE!!! We didnt realise there was a snake right there until we looked at this photo carefully 10 years later!)

Despite the big shoulders, these suits are so well tailored and beautifully finished. I am quite jealous of my dad’s patience and skills, which I definitely lack.

On the other hand, I lately hear the rumor that big shoulders are back. According to some websites, it can balance out pear shaped body types. Regardless, the big shoulders in the 80s started small and people laughed it off, but eventually became a full blown pandemic that cannot be ignored. Will I eventually dome a big shouldered jacket (I hope that is as far as I will push it), hmm…

(photo credit, instyle)

What do you think, readers? will you go back to the big shouldered look? Burdastyle 12/2009/overblouse108 actually had a big shouldered pattern (tall only), which didnt look half bad! (but definitely slightly ridiculous to me…)

7 thoughts on “Juebejue’s Dad Sews – the 80s shoulder pads

  1. The snake story is hilarious! I imagine that you get freaked out looking at the snake 10 years later! And your dad is so cool!
    I kinda like the new big shoulders with fitted body, the big shoulders give a structured look. The eighties’ always look like an oversized clothing, or maybe that was the intention 😛

  2. Noooo! please no big shoulder pads again! There’s little sillier than a petite woman looking like a linebacker in a suit. That’s one (of many) trends that I hope we’ve seen the last of.

  3. No – absolutely not. I had a hard time embracing the puff sleeves that recently made a comeback (for example -the JJ blouse from Burda…I loved the ruffles and the fit but had to really come to terms with the fact that I would be wearing puffy sleeves.)

  4. A little puff goes a long way, IMHO. I don’t mind a small poof sleeve, but the burda pattern you pictured is too over-the-top for me. And yeah, there is little that is more silly than a petite woman who looks ready to play some football.

  5. I´ve always hated those big shoulder pads. Why should women wear them? Why should shoulders be big? The new trend makes more sense to me, as it´s fitted it doesen´t make a woman seem wide particularly. I like slightly puffy sleeves. Not pads.

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