Kasia 2.0 — Cuter and Better!

Those who knows me well knows that I dont like to do the same pattern twice, since I like to not look at instructions when I sew and treat my sewing experience almost like  solving a puzzle. But I would tolerate making patterns that fits me really well, if it was done a year apart. Kasia skirt is one of those patterns. I really love my Kasia jean skirt, its gathering on the side makes me appear more curvey, and its high-waist-ness makes my leg appear longer. However, my old Kasia jean skirt is flawed — it makes my tummy look large. So as much as I love the skirt, I dont wear it very often. I recently made another one with some improvements.


  1. Invisible zipper that goes all the way to the top. This minimizes layers of fabric around the closure like my old Kasia
  2. Thinner lining used, especially to line the waist band. I also made sure that the lining is strong and does not stretch, so that the waist part would keep its shape.
  3. I kept the buttons along the tummy area — this made sure that the pocket doesnt bulge out when I sit down
  4. Instead of pressing all the seams to one side and top stitch, which I like to do to make sure that the seam in strong, I pressed the seams apart to avoid bulk.

I do love my new Kasia! The old one had half of the waist band removed, because at that time I detested high waisted skirt thinking it was old fashioned. But I now realize that it does have a feminine allure to it, especially with a high heel and nice work skirt — proper AND sexy!

Wore this to work today, the top is made by me a long time ago, with no pattern out of stretch denim. Its stretchy thickness helped controlling my tummy area and even though it is work over the skirt, it looks flat!

And wore this to work the other day, with my jj-meet-jennifer, I think they fit perfectly together!

It is funny that I tend to wear stuff made by me together — just like how I unconsciously wear stuff from the same brand together. Does that happen to you?

8 thoughts on “Kasia 2.0 — Cuter and Better!

  1. Love it! I made the Kasia and the JJ last month but I fear wearing them together, as my JJ is completely unaltered. I feel like the combination of the buttons and gathers on the Kasia along with the ruffles on the JJ make me look too…busy. but on you it works (probably because your top is not a straight JJ and is less ruffly).

  2. I love the buttons that you ended up using. They make the dress super chic and fun. Great job on the second time around, J!!!

  3. So cute! Everything matched up perfectly! I’m not one to make the same pattern more than once either, but of course there’s always exceptions. Glad this one was an exception for you! 🙂

  4. Hmm… I don’t even remember where I got most of my stuff after I got them so I guess my answer would be ‘no’ to your question of grouping together.

    Love your look! Very professional while looking chic =)

  5. you have an interesting approach to patterns! i’m the opposite, i like to use my favorite patterns over and over again so it takes less time for me to complete one project!
    love your skirt, you look cute in both tops!!

  6. So cute!! I have denim Kasia skirt that’s about halfway done which I have abandoned. You’ve inspired me to dig it out and finish it!

  7. Lovely! Love the contrast at the pocket.

    I made my first Kasia as per the instructions, but I switched the zipper to the back on the second one. It’s much less bulky in the front now and fits me way better.

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