Silk Scarf Blouse

I had been recently obsessed with tie-front blouses, not sure if its because I had been watching Mad Men, or its the many tie-blouses I had been drooling after on burdastyle. However, I had no idea how they attach that tie to the neck line so nicely! So I got a Ute pattern from Burdastyle, and  I made this:

I made almost no alteration except that I used sleeves from JJ and shortened the tie part. The scarf part is made from silk chiffon and the rest is made from some kind of silk with  seashell weaving on it. I printed out the UTE pattern at 91% as usual so that I dont have to adjust the pattern for height, and the blouse came out fitting perfectly.

My husband doesnt like it, but I kind of do. I think it would look cute under a black sweater vest, or tucked in a high waisted skirt (like this outfit I wore to work yesterday). However, if I am to make it again, I would make the scarf part much much narrower.

But now that I know how to make ties, it is time to make some more tie front shirts!

9 thoughts on “Silk Scarf Blouse

  1. Hubby is wrong – it’s gorgeous. I think a dark lilac colour in that style would suit you too & would work well for wearing in Autumn/Fall with grey trousers/pants/skirts 🙂

  2. Nice! I like the tie…it reminds me of pictures of my mom from the 1960’s and 70’s. And Mad Men pictures. Nice pattern alteration 🙂

  3. I love it – so much that I am going to make a copy this week and use your suggestion of sleeves from the JJ. Now I just need some appropriately drapey fabric.

  4. Funky hallucinating fabric is great!! It is one of those fabrics you will make something with and it will be one of your favourites as it is so weird.

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