Take Me Back to the 50s

OK, I lied. I could not just leave my dress in the closet without shooting photos of it. I am always paranoid that I would get a stain on it, or accidentally tear it, that it wont be on the record anymore. So when I wore the dress this weekend, I asked my husband to bring his camera and we dropped by the old Niles downtown. It was the perfect place for my 50s dress — old train station, old buildings with tons of antique shops. I got lots of “I love your dress, I wish people dress more like you these days!”, or “I remember my mother used to get dressed up and go out like this, and now I am in my jeans and Tshirt!”, I love those compliments!

So here’s the dress, it is made from a linen+rayon blend from fabric.com, very drapy and a perfect print for this mood. It was quite wrinkle free as well, but doesnt recover from needles too well. I got lazy and did not want to deal with the complicated button holes, so I just hammered 6 shiny black snap buttons on the front, whichs works well with the fabric!

I am not sure where that bustline seam is suppose to fall. It currently hits right below my nipple area, which looks fine, but I wonder if it is suppose to be below my bust. I love the necklines though! There’s just something really elegant about a big curvy and round neckline! I was worried about the pleating and volume of the skirt making me look too dwarf in this dress. However, it turned out perfect, I feel just right with plenty of fabric and gathering underneath that skirt! Perhaps when you are going for the 50s look, you are not suppose to look THAT slender!

I got those red pumps from a vintage etsy sale. I didnt do too much make up for this shot, and just curled my hair, as I still have the “real” photoshoot for this coming in a few weeks. (The occasional bright red lips are post-photoshop make up by my husband, since I dont own a bright red lipstick!) I think it sorta works, but I will take one of your suggestions for hair&makeup for the next photoshoot!

The site for this photoshoot is awesome, I think it is a perfect place for an engagement photoshoot! I love the green diner train, the bright red engine head, the old train station littered with old things, and the lack of people. We were suppose to stop by for only 10 minutes to grab some quick photos, but we got distracted by the cool stuff in the antique shop and the discovery of the train station, that we ended up staying an hour! If you live in the bay area, I lightly recommend going to niles downtown as it is loaded with fun!

I love this dress so very much, I wish I can wear it every day & everything. I wish I lived in the 50s, when everyone dressed to the nines, everyday!

22 thoughts on “Take Me Back to the 50s

  1. Awww…you look glamorousishlygorgeous! Beautiful dress! I can’t wait to see it! The photos are looking really great. Kuddos to the photographer!

  2. That is really a beautifull dress and it fits you wonderfull! I’m jealous, a lot.
    and the pictures are amazing too…

  3. Wonderful dress and you look so pretty in it. Great pictures in this setting, very nice! Oh and by the way, the bright red lips look very lovely on you, so maybe it is time for some red lipstick after all 😉

  4. You know, you can dress this way every day. Of course people might think you are strange or in costume, but maybe, just maybe if we all started dressing up to go out we can elevate our current sense of fashion and style and move away from the ‘jeans/T shirt/gym clothes’ look to something more sophisticated. (I say this as I sit here dressed in a T shirt and gym shorts as I just returned from a trip to the vet..but I excuse this with the desire to not have cat fur all over my nice clothes).

    1. it would be such a good idea to go back to wearing such beautiful dresses! I’m so tired of skirts being barely longer than belts and jeggings. I want to be able to wear something more elegant every day without having the whole world look funny at me.

      1. Seriously! I dont want the extra attention but i love wearing those elegant dresses. But im glad glamour seem t be back 🙂 maybe soon the suburban would catch on…

  5. You carried it off so well, Jue. I didn’t realize that it was supposed to look costum-y. It looks so natural on you =) Love the red shoes!

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