Strawberry Hallucination Dress

A few weeks ago the lovely Alden from burdastyle contacted me and asked me if I wanted to enter in this Westminster contest. I basically have to use a pattern from burda magazine from burdastyle, and Westminster fabric, and possibly win some awesome prizes! So I said yes! However, when I took a look at the fabric selection, I was deeply disappointed. The choices were not my style at all,  as the fabrics looks more like a result of dreams and nightmares and a hallucination trip all mangled together (ok, they are not THAT bad, but I just really am not used to working with those kind of contrasting colors!). To make things worse, they all seem more like quilting fabric than apparel fabrics! But I picked one anyway, and I decided to use this pattern from burdastyle.

When the fabric arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised at its quality — after washing, they are virtually wrinkle free, I didnt have to iron them at all. It has a tiny bit of stretch to it, even though it is 100% cotton and very comfortable.

The pattern itself was surprising. It was made for a jersey material, but the dress came out really big, even though my fabric had no jersey-ish stretch to it. Luckily, the fix is easy — just sew up the sides! I also added two darts & a zipper on the back since my fabric will not stretch to conform to my body. The bottom of the chest-bodice seam pokes out a little bit, makes me feel like I have a pair of insects eyes on my chest. Fortunately, I just needed to wear a belt with it and it goes away. I like the pattern quite a lot as it is simple, but if I were to make it again I would go with jersey as recommended, or make the chest- bodice seam higher, like right below the boobs instead of right on the waist. I also eliminated the sleeves and finished off the edges with bias strips of the same fabric.

Anyway, here is the dress:

I dont love it, but it makes me feel sorta cute and silly when I wear it with a pair of flats and clutch. What do you think? Did I make it work? or is it a total hallucination trip?

7 thoughts on “Strawberry Hallucination Dress

  1. You certainly made the best out of the fabric, but I agree that the garments you make with your own fabric are altogether better!

  2. I think it’s pretty and, having also worked on a Westminster project, I understand what you mean about the fabric selection. But it IS good quality if a little “busy.” 😉

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