Two Cuties

I promise you that I had been quite busy ever since my obsession with qipao. Thanks for your comments! I was obsessing over them some more after you pointed out some interesting pieces. In fact, i *just* finished making a qipao! However, we havent taken a picture of it yet, so I will have to wait a bit before showing it off!

On the other hand, I did pick up these ceramic goodness I made in the past two month at the art beat. For my birthday, my less-evil-twin-sister took me to a pottery class to re-learn how to throw pottery. I had so much fun that I went to a local shop afterwards to make more pots and stuff. So here are what I made — a little cute bow, and a cupcake holder!

They are not perfect, but I love them! If you are in the bay area and want to play with pottery, I highly recommend those pottery places — the teachers for both classes were very helpful and knowledgeable, and its great to bond over a slimy piece of clay with your close friends!

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