I know I know, I havent posted any creations for a while. But I had been busy, readers! Last weekend I hosted a sewing party for my friends. Surprisingly, I have a lot of friends who sews/owns a sewing machine, and a few more who wants to learn. So Sunday from 10am to 8pm, we sewed and sewed and sewed. This is probably the third or fourth sewing party I have hosted, and it was a smashing success! We had nine girls, six machines, fabric flying across rooms, korean spicy chicken, baked brownies, cookies, even cream puffs!

I asked everyone to come in dresses in whatever they wish they could dress in, if they did not have to care about other people’s opinions on how one should be dresses. So my less-evil-twin-sister came in what I called, superwoman onesie:

Nat came in her canadian pride:

And Tracy decided to come in her pajamas, because she couldnt leave the house with pajamas anymore after she had graduated from college:

And CC, who loves to dress up, came as her stylish self:

Ngoc, aka, my crazy-happy-twin-sister, came in a rich gold-purple-big bow dress, but she changed before I could snap a picture of her. However, she did almost finish making her version of the 50s dress!!!

She’s such a silly girl, she barely stood still for me to take a picture! Anyway, I dressed in my newly made qipao-inspired dress (ok, it is pretty much a qipao), here is a sneak peak:

Oh boy, a roomful of sewing machines all happily humming away sure do make me happy. Everyone had their projects:

  • CC was making a cotton striped dress as her very first sewing project
  • Tracy hemmed jeans, curtains, and learnt how to make a zippered pillow case
  • My less-evil-twin-sister made a cool punky glove, from an old leather jacket and skirt
  • Nat was making a red vest for Halloween
  • My crazy-happy-twin-sister made that awesomely happy dress you saw earlier with my instructions
  • EJ started making a knit electrical blue dress from one of the burda magazine patterns
  • Kait got some ideas on how to start making her kimono for Halloween
  • Ping recycled her old bedsheet into a curtain
  • I was finishing off sleeves for my purple coat!

See, everyone was busy making something! It made me so happy to see a roomful of girls working away 😛 It happened to be a very hot weekend despite the fact that I chose a date in October, so it was quite like a sweatshop of a bunch of pretty girls sewing away 🙂 You could probably see from the picture above, I busted out my Elna sewing machine so that others can use my regular sewing machine. Once I got the tension all right for my grasshopper, it was a dream to use. It is TRUE! Grasshopper makes the cutest straight stitch ever! However, the whole time I was drooling after my less-evil-twin-sister’s 1970s singer, it is quite a beauty from the behind:

She also has this cutest mini serger that I equally drooled for:

*sigh* so dreamy. I am currently plotting furiously to get her to quit sewing, and hopefully be too lazy to give the sewing machine to someone who actually needs it, and just pass it to me, muuuuahahahah!

It was so much fun having an all girls party and sewing together. When was the last time you forced all your friends to sew? Its great girl time and lots of fun! AND, you get to go around the room and say “make it work” and “carry on”!

9 thoughts on “PartAY!!!

  1. Haha ‘make it work’. Very nice!! I never thought there were this many different styles of sewing machines. Wow. I’m sure there’re plenty more in all shapes and sizes.

  2. Jue turned her house into a sweatshop and we were working like her slaves! J/k! Hehehe… was a blast!

    I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished creations. Your hubby is awesome for BBQ (very manly!), but for also hanging out with 9 crazy-chirpy-sewing-girls! 🙂

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