Lady Grey Inspired Cropped Jacket.. and why I hate button holes

I know I know, another outerwear 😛 But I just dont get enough warmth during the cold season! I must say though — fall is probably my favorate season of the year — i love all the fiery red and green that props up on the street and in my yard — they look so so pretty! This is my peach tree outside the sewing room — its got gorgeous yellow and red colors, i love it!

It had been a busy few weeks, but I have to sew a little each day to keep myself sane. Remember the coat I tried to make a few weeks ago? Well, I had cut out all the pieces and pinned them togehter, only to realise that it will not work. But it was a beautiful piece of wool from my local hancock, a rare find! So I decided that I needed to salvage the pieces and make a short something. So I just cut my lady grey inspired coat short, and made a lady grey inspired jacket!

Fitting all the pieces into the already cut fabric proved to be difficult, especially that the fabric has stripes on it. I couldnt fit a whole sleeve into the cut pieces, so I had to bridge it with a horizontal piece. It doesnt look bad though!

I did line it with some left over silver satin from my previous projects. Because I didnt have enough wool fabric, the inside wool piece had to be very small.

I had two very very stupid mistake, a reminder to myself that I probably should not do anything irreversible after being sick for a night:

I made button holes.

I made button holes thats way too far from the edge of the coat.

I made button holes thats way too far from the edge of the coat with the size 16 needle for coat material.

Can you see all the damage done the thick needle on this satin material? uh! I hate it! and I thought it would be fine to have the button hole more inside, but I was wrong:

It gaps!! I was so mad at myself that I couldnt sleep for hours afterwards! To think that I still make a stupid mistake like this after so many coat projects is just unacceptable!

But well, what is done is done. I still really like the jacket because its perfect to wear to work — it is super warm, since the wool and the satin are pretty thick. It looks great when worn open, as I always do in the office. It fits great and the wool is not scratchy at all. So, I will shut up and stop complaining about the stupid decisions I made with button holes. But, you probably wont be seeing much projects with button holes from me from now on!

Can you see my evil kitty peeking at me with jealousy? hehehe… By the way, I think I will make a tutorial on how I altered the M5525 pattern to make these coats and jackets, as I realize that they are still quite different from the lady grey jacket. Hopefully I will have time to make it in the next few weeks!

12 thoughts on “Lady Grey Inspired Cropped Jacket.. and why I hate button holes

  1. I love this jacket, I think it looks perfect on you. 🙂 As for the buttonholes, I sympathize–that’s what mine look like even if I do everything right. 😦 Use some fray check to help them last longer, if you haven’t already. 🙂

    1. hmm! my singer was having some electrical issues when i was making this jacket — the foot pedal wires kept touching and the machine would just go off sometimes! i just fixed it last weekend — opened it up and taped up the exposed wire. i should really look for some button holer for my singer, but i am having a hard time to see how such a simple machine can do button holes with just a different feet!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE your jacket! Hehe… what a great idea to turn the coat into a jacket. Sorry about the buttonholes, but I’m sure it’s only noticeable to you and this jacket looks fantastic on you!

  3. It looks great on you, Jue! Hmm..I’m thinking..could you make a ‘long’ horizontal button hole but sew it shut except for the place where you’d want it to be? So it’ll be like 3 horizontal black lines ‘button hole lines’ traversing the front that may add to the design. Sorry, I’m going into the problem-solving mode. Just wanna throw it out there! I know it’s a long shot. Also, this looks fantastic already so you don’t have to worry about it =)

    1. wooo! i think i know what you mean,( i was thinking of all kinds of ways to save it too). but all of them couldnt salvage the already holed lining… but if i ever get too bothered by this button hole, i might take up your advice!

  4. The jacket’s adorable, and looks perfect on you! I’m one of the few who doesn’t much like the Lady Grey coat, but whatever you’ve done here is inspired. Nice work!

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