White Winter Wool Skirt

Ok, more grey than white, but I wanted to use “W”s 🙂 I made a skirt from burda magazine 03/2009, skirt 105.

Ever since that skirt came out, I had always wanted to make one. I am a sucker for cool pockets. This magazine came with a really good tutorial on how to make this “couture pocket”. When the winter came, I decided that I need to start wearing skirts instead of pants or jeans to work, due to health reasons (unfortunately, I am very prone to UTI, so sitting in tight pants/jeans all day wasnt helping). So I got a nice wool mix from my local hancock and made this skirt.

Here is the details on the pocket:

Since its a winter skirt, it calls for a slippery lining with lace so that the wool doesnt cling onto my leggings on cold days:

Back side of the skirt:

It was a super easy skirt, with a pretty good fit. I used a size 36 for my increasingly enlarging butt area, (which had gotten from 33 to 35 :\ I need to exercise more! ), and I took it in about 1 inch. For the hem I took it in about 2 inches and it falls perfectly below my knee. I had marked the pattern lines onto fabric with a washable ink pen my friend gave me during the sewing party, which made sewing the pleats, pockets, and side invisible zipper extremely easy.

I love the skirt, it is very comfortable and versatile, very warm and chic. The length is perfect for the office and the A-line is perfect for a shortie. I wore this to the office 3 or 4 times already! Make one for yourself, if you have this issue of burda, you will not regret it!

ooh! and happy thanksgiving!! 😀

13 thoughts on “White Winter Wool Skirt

    1. hahaha 😀 actually, that is very much related — i bought those shoes for this skirt! 😀 of course i can wear them with other stuff too, but mainly for this skirt 🙂

  1. The skirt is adorable, especially the lining! My daughter is prone to UTI’s too, however getting her into skirts is like pulling eyeteeth (the princess phase is definitely over). We just try to keep lots of cranberry juice around the house.

  2. What a beautiful skirt. I’ve been longing after this skirt and love your version. The angled pockets are the detail that I love most, and that scare me the most at the same time!

    1. i was scared of the pocket too! but it turned out SUPER easy! just make sure you mark the cut out pieces all the lines and notches, which makes it harder to make mistakes!

    1. Thanks Jenlyn! I did make that shirt a few years ago! It was actually really easy — just two piece of cloth sewn together! I did a tutorial for it on burdastyle but it got lost when they changed their database :\

  3. Hey there, I loved the skirt! I’ve been looking for the pattern but cannot find it. D you know where could I buy this pattern?

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