How to Alter Your Basic Coat Pattern for a Flared Coat

Its almost the end of 2010!  One thing I wanted to post before the end of the year is how I made my lady grey inspired coat. I used a basic coat pattern — McCall 5525: The alterations are fairly simple. Here are the 4 bodice pieces: All you really need to do is toContinue reading “How to Alter Your Basic Coat Pattern for a Flared Coat”

Strawberry Mousse~

hmmm, sometimes making sweets can be just as fun as sewing, especially when you can please so many people so efficiently, with almost guaranteed satisfaction! I made the mousse for our company desert potluck. I used to think that mousse is this amazing thing that you can only get from the finest cake chef. But my less-evil-twin-sister told meContinue reading “Strawberry Mousse~”