Fabric Review~

I am still around, dear readers! I had been quite busy the past few weeks. We are preparing for a big kitchen remodel and we are trying to do it with a small budget, so a lot of research and talking was needed! The good thing is that we finally get to replace all the 60 year old cabinets, cracking laminate counter with *maybe* green mold, and the odd high cabinet that keeps bumping my tall husband’s poor head!

So not much sewing was happening. I was too busy, and the living room with a cute, live christmas tree and sheep skin was too inviting, and my fabric stash was too, uninspiring. So I decided to get some fabric from fabric mart. Some of them are pretty nice find and I would like to share them with you while they are still available!

The first one is a wool knit, with black and grey stripes. The quality of the fabric was pretty good, it feels soft and its not very filmsy. However, for 12 dollar/yard, I dont really think of it as a steal. But I have had a really hard time finding this grey and black stripe knit that is of a good quality, so I could not pass this up:

I had been looking for one ever since I saw Chie’s cute knit dress:


So next step — another shameless copy of her dress! 😀

The next fabric is a splurge: navy blue camel hair!

For $18 dollars a yard, this is at a very high end price for me. However, I really love the fabric when it came. It is very soft, and does have that very luxurious feel to it. It really does have a nice drape, and I think a beautiful coat is called for in this material. Or a skirt. oh the possibilities! Only of I feel brave enough to take a scissor to it 🙂

The last piece, a fun knit from cache. I LOVEed the pattern from the online picture:

I am a sucker for ginko related fabric because I live in a neighborhood where the street is lined with beautiful ginko trees. My backyard actually has one too — and these few days when I look out of my bedroom window, I see a beautiful golden yellow ginko tree with a thick layer of bright yellow leaves on the ground . So I bought this fabric without thinking twice. When I got the shipment, it is totally not what I had expected. First off — it is not really a border print, the fabric goes black, yellow, white, black, yellow, white and so on.  I had imagined that the black leaves would be along the selvage, but no. Also, the material is VERY drapy and very, very heavy. It also has a really cool cold feel to it — I suspect that this would be excellent for a slinky summer dress. It is 98% rayon, but I will have to take their word for it — I would believe it if it was polyester too! Overall, a very interesting fabric that I am going to experiment with in the summer!

They are all still available — so get some if you like what you see! (p.s. I am not getting paid for this, but I should! 😛 )

5 thoughts on “Fabric Review~

    1. thanks for that link!! I havent seen that creation before and now I am more excited about using this fabric! :Dginko ginko! (or maybe its flower petals! but I am pretty sure its ginko leaves…)

      sorry! I did forget to reply to that comment! I just replied! 😀

  1. wow i didnt know you were still looking for the stripes! i remember you asking me about it a while ago – maybe 2 years ago?! im glad you found it!! im excited to see what you are making out of these fabrics!! xx

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