Strawberry Mousse~

hmmm, sometimes making sweets can be just as fun as sewing, especially when you can please so many people so efficiently, with almost guaranteed satisfaction!

I made the mousse for our company desert potluck. I used to think that mousse is this amazing thing that you can only get from the finest cake chef. But my less-evil-twin-sister told me that it can be made by any normal human beings and taught me how to make it. It was surprisingly easy. I used recipe here, but before pouring the mouse into the cupcake, I poured some melted chocolate into the cupcake and smeared it around with a spoon to make sure it gets to the sides.  Then I put them into the freezer for 2 minutes so it will harden. That way, the wet mousse will not wet the paper and cause the cupcake paper to collapse! Another smart trick passed down from my less-evil-twin-sister. Oh! the cupcake is the bite sized ones that can be found in hancock/joanns (but no where to be found in grocery stores, an actually FOOD market 😛 ). It allows a better balance of chocolate and strawberry mousse, much tastier than ones with normal-sized cupcakes!

It taste very delicious, especially if you dislike desert that is too sweet! My husband likes to freeze it and eat it like an icecream 🙂


p.s. changed the blog template to a cleaner one — this one also has comment button at the end instead of the beginning – i think that is much more intuitive!

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