Fabric Review #2

Woohoo! I am back from a 5 day vacation in Lake Tahoe. It was such a snow wonderland there — we had so much fun snowshoeing, sledding, and snowboarding/skiing with some of our best friends. I tried snowboarding for the first time, and although my butt is still hurting from all the falls, I loved it!! It snowed for two days and this is very near to where we stayed:

Beautiful, isnt it? I havent lived in a snowy place since I was six, so it was rare to sit in a warm and toasty house, playing boardgames and enjoying good food and company, with all the fluffy snow drifting down from the sky. Occasionally, we would see our icicles come crashing down, and even spotted some yellow snow! 😛

Now back at home, we spent the past two days packing up our kitchen to get ready for our remodel. I would probably be quite slow in my sewing projects for the next two month due to the remodel as we are doing part of the work ourselves. For now, I have an incomplete  skirt that I am thinking about giving up. I made the mistake of using too thick of a material for a skirt that has many darts. *gasp*, my garment attempted:garment completed: garment often worn for year 2011 is currently:


Gotta work on that ratio! 🙂 For now I am looking through my latest fabric horde and drooling after all the possiblities.

Shetland Wool Heathered Palm Leaf :

Very good quality wool, i think it is thin enough for skirts and good for jackets and thin coats. It can be stretched a little on bias as well. sadly, the real color is a lot lighter than pictured. I was hoping for a forest green short skirt. I guess I didnt see this. now I am not so sure about what to do with it. Any suggestions?

It was on sale for 10 dollars last year, so I also bought the same material in white, which is beautiful (and unfortunately sold out). I want to try and knock off this look:

Vera Wang Silk Check pale pink 54″ Wide

Sometimes, the difference between polyester and silk is so subtle! I like this shade of pink, sort of a grey-pink with interesting patterns on it. I think it will make a interesting, and simple top.

I also bought some Wool Tricotine in camel color for a new trench coat — the old one I made has some issues with the interfacing, the buttons are pulling the fabric in a weird way, cotton twill is not the greatest material for a trenchcoat, and topstitching everything in green thread was not one of my brightest moment. The material turned out quite nice and crisp, but unfortunately it is already sold out.

Slate Blue Bamboo Knit 60″ Wide

I just love bamboo knits. they are so soft and so heavy, super comfortable against the skin. I saw this top that the beautiful and pregnant hanamik was wearing:

And I really want one! (Her looking so gorgeous while pregnant also makes me look forward to being pregnant in the future 😛 ) I was thinking about making something like that out of the bamboo knit, but make it flexible so that it looks good on just the normal old me, or a preggy me in the future. Well, actually, I just really like the idea of flexible clothing. I think all the ties makes it possible to do that, but we will see how it goes.

Also got navy charmeuse and navy cotton satin from there, which are sold out. I find that fabric mart almost never disappoint me in terms of quality of their fabric. However, their color on picture and in person occasionally doesnt match too well!

So much dreaming about sewing. I should really go sew. But knitting in bed next to hubby sounds much more warmer…

5 thoughts on “Fabric Review #2

  1. i love that white cropped sleeve coat! gorgeous! i would love see you make one that looks like it.

    i made a comment on hanamik’s top as well on her blog – she really looks great!

    im glad you enjoyed your trip to lake tahoh – the scenery looks beautiful. how i wish i can go skiing! maybe next year:)

    1. i saw your comment! i had exactly the same thought! i actually saw her blog through yours 😉

      it would be difficult to ski with a big belly 🙂 but imagine in a few years you would be teaching a cute little one how to ski! they look sooo cute on skis!

      1. Eeeewwwww…that’s so awful! Why would anyone want to spoil the beauty of snow and pee on it? That’s just awful.

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