Plaid Thick Thick Winter Skirt

Remember a few post ago, I had mentioned a failed skirt project due to improperly thick coating material I picked? After moping about it a few days, I decided to finish it up and just see how it goes. Surprisingly, it is pretty cute on me and goes well with a few grey sweaters I got.

It is made with Burda magazine 2009/08 skirt 107, which was very easy. I think it might be a little larger than it should be around the hip area, but my material is so thick, I dont know if that might have caused any skewing.

I am starting to get a good hang of the check matching business — even the pocket is matched!

Back of the skirt:

I also lined it with a happy yellow satin. It shows a little on the top — but I dont mind. I couldnt bring myself to use another strip of thick material to line the waist band.

The material was bought from a year or two ago. I thought I wanted it for a coat, but I am always afraid that it might look too busy. I think it works great as a skirt material — maybe one with less seams would be better, like a mini skirt! I got those cute dome buttons from ebay, love them!

I think I am done with winter skirt for a while — my work outfits now have enough skirt to get me through a week without getting bored 🙂 Lastly, my project attempted : completed : worn ratio for this year is now:



14 thoughts on “Plaid Thick Thick Winter Skirt

  1. I really like the skirt, I can’t believe you got it to work with such a thick fabric, but I’m glad it worked out. 🙂 What kind of lining did you use?

    1. 🙂 me too! the lining is a polyester satin, its not the thinnest material but with a thick coating material, i am hesitant to use a very filmsy one!

  2. Wow the skirt is pretty cute and looks perfect with grey and black.
    uhhh and i fall in love with your shoes, i’m looking for those since november 😦

  3. Love the skirt!! The yellow satin lining is a nice touch you added! The whole look altogether is very chic!

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