Soft as air wrap top

So remember how I wanted to make a wrap top that hanamik was wearing that would look good on both a non-pregnant person and a pregnant person? I love the idea of flexible clothing, and a wrap is perfect for it! At around the same time I saw some maternity clothing at Isabella Oliver, and they are gorgeous but ridiculously expensive! How can a knit shirt cost over 100 dollars, when it is not hand made and doesnt seem to be made from any special knit materials?! The good news is, they actually have technical drawing of their shirt, so I was able to guess how they made the shirts and knock it off:

I took some guesses and made this from the bamboo knit I bought and made this:

oh yes! its spring! our purple plum tree is blooming beautifully 🙂 I cant wait until my peach tree start to bloom and fruit!

We took a few pictures, my husband thinks there was something very interesting on the floor, all our pictures are of me staring to the ground! 🙂

It was extremely fast and easy — probably took me 2-3 hours. I used about 100 inches for the wrap straps (includes the back and the two sides). It was enough for me now, but I imagine a pregnant woman would need at least 50-100 inches more.

So what do you think?  will you wear this when you are pregnant — or when you are not? Is it time to go into hand made pregnant clothing on etsy? 😉 if this can sell for 100, it actually brings very decent return for the amount of time needed to sew the shirt!  😛 too bad I just lose any motivation to sew when it is not something I am very interested in! someone else needs to swoop up this market!

For those who are uncomfortable with free-scissoring, this is a similiar pattern (thanks Chie from Vivat Veritas!).

17 thoughts on “Soft as air wrap top

  1. It looks beautiful on you, and is surprisingly slimming considering the bulk going around your middle. Seems like it might be a decent ‘nursing shirt’ too. Great job.

    1. yes! I was surprised at how flat my tummy looks (and its no way flat, i often feels 5 month pregnant after a big meal 😛 ) it would be a good nersing shirt, i think, just move the front panel around since its stretchy 🙂

  2. i would definitely wear this now! it looks so comfy! btw i love the photos, and cherry blossom trees (?) in the background.

    did you use 4 ways stretch knit? i am making megan nielson’s maternity top, but im just using 2 way stretch because i could not find 4 way stretch in the color i wanted.. i wonder if it works the same way.

    1. hi chie! i knew you would love the cherry blossom 🙂 it is actually a plum tree, but i am not sure if it would fruit…

      i am not sure if mine is 4 way or 2, but it feels stretchy all over! so if someone told me if its 16 way stretch i would believe them… it is kind of a pain to sew 😛

      but i am sure the 2 way stretch would work fine — i cant wait to see yours!

    1. heehee, its pretty easy to make! at some point when i am less busy i might make a tutorial for it, i think everyone should have one! 😀

  3. Wow! The top looks amazing on you and you’ve got such a valuable skill to sew so well! I wish I was better at sewing so I could create something so pretty! =)

  4. I want dibs on it for when I’m pregnant! Or, maybe we can start making one for me so that when we’re both preggy, we can be twins!

    I love the color on you and the design is all around so flattering for many body types. I imagine it is super comfy too! What a nice shirt!

  5. I think you should definitely do a tutorial, because I am pregnant and I’ve been staring at the outrageously expensive Isabella Oliver website. I like the sleeves better on this version then megan nielson’s.

    It looks great on you! good job and very inspiring!

  6. I can’t believe I used an almost exact color of fabric to make this top. 🙂 But I’m not such a good seamstress as you, I had to make a pattern first. Your top looks beautiful.

  7. I know this is an old post but How Ichthyology fabric did you use for this yardage wise? And is there a seam on the shoulders or just under the arms?

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