Fancy Maternity Dress (with tutorial!)

No pictures of my hand-crank machine’s shuttle bobbins yet, but I promise soon! Meanwhile I’ve got another dress lined up to show you, along with a quick wallet tutorial, and a review of my Elna Grasshopper after usage!

Today I’d like to show you a dress I made from Burdastyle’s Kiki pattern. Alison from Burdastyle contacted me about creating a maternity dress from a burda pattern with tutorials, and I gladly agreed! I ended up choosing Kiki because it seemed to be made for maternity already — the front tummy part requires alteration of two seams in order to accomodate a growing tummy!

The dress has some adorable details. I love the scooped neckline in the back with the fabric covered buttons. To my delight you dont need to unbutton it in order to get it on. (There’s a zipper in the back)

I cant resist to show off — do you see all that nectarines on my tree?

And my mom (and lots of others) is funny– she keeps on wondering if i got the date wrong. My tummy looks way too big for being in 4th/5th month. My doctor said its because I am super short — the baby got no where to hide except out!

I do have a really nice and detailed tutorial up on burdastyle, so if you want to know how to make this, or just get some tips on making non-maternity kiki dress, check it!


Again, tutorial  here!

6 thoughts on “Fancy Maternity Dress (with tutorial!)

  1. I know I’m against the flow here but I love your dress most from the front =) Love the curve at the front. It must be hard to sew that.

    1. 🙂 i like the front too! its not too hard to sew curve in the front as it is lined. you put two pieces together, sew the curve, flip it over, snip the seam allowance, and viola!

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