Purple Offshoulder Dress

This dress is conceived with quite difficulties. I have started the dress wanting to make a Breakfast at Tiffany’s little black dress’s back, with gathered skirt. However, after I’ve made the top part, the little what I like to call “wings” in the back looked more sporty than classy, due to the stretch of the fabric. So I thought that is not going to work. I made a little sporty top with that instead (photos coming soon). Then I thought I’d make a more off the shoulder, boat necked dress with this fabric, since the purple looks so… royal. The top part turned out great, and I attached the skirt. I had wanted to try something with scallops for a while, so I thought — why not make the skirt scalloped? well… big mistake! the dress came out all… childish and disney-ish. Bleh. I had to chop the scallop off and well, it resulted in this shortness of the skirt.

I think its a pretty good addition to my maternity wardrobe, not sure if I love it though! The photos are taken in Santa Barbara beach. I had my first complete July 4th experience there! In the 10 years I’ve lived here, I’ve had bbq, and I’ve watched the fireworks too. But never both on the day of July 4th. This time, we went down to socal for a weekend of getaway. On July 4th we had ourselves a little bbq, then squatted a spot on the beach to watch the fireworks. Part of the beach was fenced up to launch fireworks, and we had a little dugout right next to the fence. We laid there and watched the fireworks explode literally right before us! (We could feel the particles falling on our faces).

As far as babymoon goes, I’m going to count this one as one of the best! (We’ve travelled to yosemite once since Kaylee started squatting my womb, but at that time I was still slightly nauseous). Besides the big fireworks, we got to see old friends, bonded with new friends, got to eat rock crabs (even a raw oyster), see the Getty in Malibu, shop with my best friend from high school (btw, this skirt from banana republic is literally made for maternity),  hiked in one of the state parks, stayed in the cutest studio one block from the beach, drove onto a beach with our car, drove through some backroads and discovered a beautiful valley with rabbits, coyotes, deers…The trip was full of fun and adventure!

13 thoughts on “Purple Offshoulder Dress

  1. Th dress looks great on you! And funny, I also got myself a skirt with a smocked waist, but it’s a maxi and it blue and white. Perfect for pregnancy!

  2. Ooooo off-the-shoulder’s such a sexy look! You look great! And sounds like you had such a fun-filled weekend!! =) Oh, do you think you might attempt the Disney/princessy look for little Kaylee? that would be sooo cute!

    1. hahaha hmmmm! I am hoping that kaylee would be more of a tomboy than a princess, but i am sure i’ll be making a few disney looking stuff for her 😉 at least, i have a piece of fabric for that already!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! That dress is cute! I am disappointed the skirt is not available in my size anymore. I love BR’s clothes! Darn, can’t be your almost twin. 😦

  4. Wow, I think I saw you on the beach on the 4th! I live in Santa Barbara, and I was also down on the beach for a picnic and fireworks – when we arrived, my friends and I walked past a group who had made a dugout and we all commented on what a cool idea that was… Small world! I love your blog and all your amazing dresses – this one was perfect to be photographed in front of the wharf 🙂

    1. Wow, that is awesome :D. I always wonder if someday i would bump into a reader one day! I guess i am close 😀 thanks for reading and how lucky that oyu live in santa barbarba! Its such a nice town!

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