Maternity quarter pants

This is a creation that I really really love. I made a pair of quarter pants in natural linen. It is really comfortable. When you are preggers, it is easy to feel really warm. Sometimes I feel hot even in dresses, and my inner thigh would get all sweaty. I was going to try and buy a pair, but I havent been in the mood for cloth shopping for a while. So I decided to make one.

I used Burdastyle’s Corinne yoga pants pattern again. I widened the legs, and lowered the front, and used an elastic waist band. Pretty much the same deal as my shorts. The pattern was made for knits, but I measured my butt (increased 4 inches since the pregnancy!) ย and used the measured size, and the fit turned out just fine. (The linen is slightly stretchy).

Of course, the little details makes the pants cuter. I added external pockets, wide hem, and little buttons (recycled from a friend’s torn shorts).

My hubby loves this pair of quarter pants. His standard outfit everyday is shirt/T-shirt + a pair of shorts like this one. So he really loves the detail and color of this. Perhaps I will make a non-maternity one next summer!

Here is the basic alteration I did to Corinne in order to make this quarter pants. Note that I have already chopped the extra length off. Also note that for waist band, just use a long rectangular stripe to enclose a 1.5 inch elastic band. The part that looks like dots/pluses are the parts I added to the pattern. The part that is striped/lined is the part that I removed from the pattern.

5 thoughts on “Maternity quarter pants

  1. Haha..Dexter and Dan are so different. I got two pairs exactly this length and he hates it with all of his heart. But he still wears those jeans shorts I hate (yes, I know! It’s such a fashion faux-pas to wear them now) and so I still wear my shorts! My agreement with him is that if he promises never to wear his again, I will too! =) You look super-comfy in them! And I love the button details and the color!

  2. That first pic is so stink in’ cute! I love how comfy it looks! Hopefully, I’ll be able to find something cute like this at the store…cuz you know, I can’t sew for the life of me!

    1. hahaa, you can probably just borrow mine! I hope to god they would be too big for me after birth ๐Ÿ˜‰ just return it to me after you are done!

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