Another Sewing Machine — Singer 750

There’s a saying in Chinese — if the old doesnt go, the new doesnt come. For me it is the other way around! A few weeks ago I shipped one of my newer machines to a really good friend of mine who is interested in learning how to sew.

Guess what? A few weeks later Karma rewarded me with a vintage sewing machine! My other really good friend’s mother  in law was cleaning out her rooms and had no need for a side table, and it turned out there’s a sewing machine inside! My friend grabbed the machine for me, knowing that I love old sewing machines and I can always let people use them during my sewing parties.

This Singer 750 is in almost perfect condition — there’s very little amount of dust and gunk that I needed to clean off and lubricate. Otherwise, no scratch on the beautiful cabinet, or the machine itself. She even has the original manual and accessories! I dont have a photo of the machine itself since I already took it apart, but it looks like this:

The machine is a little more modern than my usual collection (probably from the early 70s), but I love the curve on this one and had always coveted my less-evil-twin-sister’s vintage sewing machine. They look very very similar from the back!

The sewing machine stitched out a really great, tight straight stitch, despite its bad review. However, the motor makes a funny noise even when I disconnected the motor from the rest of the gears. I took a video of it to post on a yahoo group, and got some really great suggestions, so I am going to try disassembling the motor from the machine itself, take it apart, and see what is making that noise. This is probably the most ambitious fixing Ive ever attempted yet!

Hope I get this one working! If you are wondering why there’s no post of my fancy hand crank sewing machine yet — I am too intimidated to mess with it. I havent threaded a shuttle bobbin ever, and there’s no information online about this particular machine, so I am a little too scared to take out the bobbin in fear that I dont know how to put it back again. Its funny that I have no problem taking apart the screws and metals of a sewing machine, but I get scared about threading of a machine! Don’t worry, I am positive that one day my curiosity would overcome my fear and drive me open it!

For now, I will fix this awesome Singer 750!

2 thoughts on “Another Sewing Machine — Singer 750

  1. I still cannot believe you shipped me an entire sewing machine! With everything that I’m going to need to sew, scissors included. And chalk. And you made videos, which you look stunning in. They really helped us figure out how to thread, lol.

    Man, I can’t wait to kick-start a sewing mania. I have so many things to do lined up already! First, I’m going to cut off my pants with holes so make them into shorts. Should be easy, right? My friend needs to shorten her curtains. I want to make pouches. And skirts!

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