Petite Pink Pregger Princess

This is one of my favorite dresses! After finishing last seersucker dress, I’ve been wearing it every weekend since it is so comfortable and I feel so cute in it. However, I can wear it only on the weekends due to the low cut, and it wont go well with boots for the fall due to the long back. It doesnt go well with my sweaters too due to the massive ruffling in the back and uneven hem. The weather had been warm despite the approach of fall, so I wanted to make another striped seersucker dress that will be very versatile:

  • I can wear now in hot weather, and later in cooler weather with a sweater and boots and under skirt.
  • I can wear now as a pregnant woman, and later as a non pregnant women
  • Good for wearing on the weekends (I like to show a little skin), but okay for work if I add a sweater to cover up.
  • Convenient for breast feeding.

After brooding over the constraints for a few days, I finally settled on this design.

Front the front, it just looks like a sleeveless dress. From the back, there’s some skin showing. So it is “skanky” enough for the weekends, and on the weekdays I can add a sweater and it would look decent.

I inserted a zipper in the front, so that it can open easily for breast feeding (zipper salvaged from hubby’s old shorts!).

The back is a single piece (enclosed with bias tape) with elastic band. After I give birth, i would be adding another elastic band on the lower section so that the dress would also be tight on the waist.

The top part was altered from V1158, and the bottom is simply a big circle cut in one piece. Once the big tummy is gone, the hem would be even and the skirt should look great with boots!

Every seam is enclosed with bias tape made from the same material.I had originally bought bias tape maker for this, but I got the wrong size. Apparently, when they say its 1/2 inches wide, after folding the made bias tape to its 4 layers, it really is just 1/4 inches wide…  so it was back to manual ironing for me.

oh by the way, the material is made of red stripes, not pink. But from far away it looks more pink than red! I feel very princess-y in this make up and dress, hence the fun PPPP name for this dress!

Lastly, some pictures of me and my parent’s adorable dog that we are dog sitting

He can be quite hyper, but he loves me lots. He’s very shy with strangers and still somewhat shy with my hubby.

Okie dokie, enough pictures of me and dog! Hope you like the dress as much as I do!

4 thoughts on “Petite Pink Pregger Princess

  1. Hmm..what kind of bra can you wear with that? The crossed hatched kind? Did you put in a pad so you won’t have to wear a bra?

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