The haul from China

I have the most awesomest parents, ever! They just came back from a two week trip to China, and my dad visited one of the whole sale markets near my grandparents. The whole place is HUGE, and all they sell is sewing related stuff in bulk! Its basically Costco for seamstresses.

And here’s some stuff he got for me from there. There’s a few trims that I probably would not ever use (the colorful ones). But the earthtoned trims are just AWESOME. That plus bamboo jersey = cute and flowy tops and dresses!

There’s tones of snap buttons, velco, elastics, laces, and colorful threads 🙂 I remember when I was little, whenever my parents come back from their business trips, I would always have  a fun time rummaging through their suitcase for my gifts. now 20 years later, its still the same way 🙂  (adding cute outfits for little kaylee, of course).

My dad promised some pictures of the “costco”. He said that he couldnt get through half of the place cos it was so big. That is saying something about the place, as my dad has quite the stamina for shopping!

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