Wool mini skirt

After my two last major fail, I needed to make something that is safe and makes me happy. I saw PAG’s little wool mini dress make over and I wanted one for myself too! I had this dirty green shetland wool in my stash since earlier this year, and that wool is pretty thin so its perfect for a mini dress. I drafted my own pattern, and used elastics in the back instead of fitting it, since I am not entirely sure how big my butt would remain after birth (my butt grew 4 inches since the pregnancy!)

I love the pocket detail with the little pleating.

I used bright yellow satin as lining again, and i think it matches the green fabric very well. I also did a gold exposed zipper detail, and i love it!

There’s a lot of hand sewing involved when I sew the lining to the zipper. I also had to hand sew the blind hem since my blind hem feet did not work well with the wool.

The shape of the dress is a little more flared than I like. I could take it in on the side a bit more, but I have top stitched the side seam already (can you tell that I love top stitching?), and I am a little too lazy to take it apart. I will see how the proportion work on me after birth and decide then!

I have one mini wool skirt, however, it is not meant to sit on my real waist — it sits on the hips instead. it is pretty annoying to wear since it would slip up to where my body is thinner whenever I sit down. This skirt sits squarely on my real waist, so I hope it would be much more fun to wear!

10 thoughts on “Wool mini skirt

  1. I’d wait until post-preganacy to make any alterations to the flare. It could be that the bottom looks flared because the elastic is completely relaxed, and when you try it on and the elastic stretches it could look very different. What a cute skirt! I’d wear it with tights/leggings and boots…

    1. that is a great point! The dressform does have a smaller waist even before my pregnancy. yes! i am looking forward to wearing it with tights and boots/heels!

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