Bamboo Jersey Dress with Lace Collar

After getting the pretty lace collars from my parents, I just couldnt wait to make a dress with them. I drafted the simple pattern myself (kind of based on one of my favorite shirts)  and made the dress using the remaining bamboo jersey I had from the failing jersey wrap. I love it! It is very comfortable to wear. Once the baby is out, I am going to actually hem it to the right length and maybe do an uneven hem. The lace collar really do add a nice pop to the collar around, framing my face very flatteringly!

Here is the full body shot… man, I do look very pregnant. It is a little tent-like here, which is how I like to wear it, but it looks more flattering with a belt below the bust.

More details on the lace front, I think its a butterfly:

I am 37.5 weeks now! I have started my maternity leave — my days are now pretty much filled with sleep, naps, cooking, eating, vegging/TV and sewing! I must say, being a housewife (without kids) is quite awesome!  Too bad it probably wont last that long. The doctor says the baby has turned, and I am “any time now”!

4 thoughts on “Bamboo Jersey Dress with Lace Collar

  1. AHHHHhhhh!! Sooo exciting! Any time now? Gosh! Little Kaylee, we all await you =) And I like the dress. The neckline looks very asian to me, lol. I guess it’s cuz I’ve seen those lace necklines only in asia before.

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