Still Around!

Yeap yeap! Kaylee is still in my tummy 🙂 about 1.5 weeks more to go to my due date, I am excited! I havent been sewing much, as I am running out of energy pretty quickly. After cooking and eating and napping and some light errands, there’s barely any time left during the day! (Also it is hard to get around the dining table to cut stuff, and it is annoying to guess what my after baby shape will be to fit garments). I did finish a light coat a few weeks back, as it wont be a real winter if I didnt have a newly made coat. But I had been too pooped out to pose photos for it (It is for post maternity but I can wear it now too!). Perhaps next week!

But my hands just itch if I am not creating something, and cooking just isnt cutting it for me. I opened up my jewery making kit from 5 years ago (pre-sewing era), and finished off some earrings that I got too lazy to finish (as in, I made one earring, but got too lazy to make the other):

I guess this little project took about 5 years to finish. Its really cute with a loose beanie, not sure why I never got around to finishing it!

Got any none-sewing UFO in your closet?

3 thoughts on “Still Around!

  1. thanks for the pattern tip.
    i will totally chekc it out.
    also, i found an amazing fabric store in san jose..
    its called fabrics r u.
    its small and cram packed f the most beautiful cheap fabrics. They arnt very organized, and it was kinda intimidating at first. but if your in the area you should check it out!

  2. The earrings are lovely! And while I have a few knitting UFOs, I am actually slowly working on all of them. I’ve only been knitting for about 10 months and I’m not very fast. So I guess my main non-sewing UFOs are actually my photo album/scrapbooky things, which I’ve barely touched in about 2-3 years.

    1. oh oh~ how can i forget about photo albums 😉 i had been “working” on my wedding album for the last year and half….. its a never ending project!

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