Oversized Knit top

For some reason I’ve been very attracted to the oversized look this fall. Perhaps its because it looks so comfy and I dont expect to lose all my baby weight that soon.  Theoretically it should be pretty easy to sew knit material, but I always have a hard time struggling every time I attempted a knit shirt. Perhaps I always underestimate the need for fit and try not using a pattern. Perhaps I always didnt take in account of stretchiness of the knit material. I gave in this time and did use a simple pattern McCall 6205 variation C.

I had gotten some really cheap knit material from Hancock a while back. It is this weird T-shirt material with stripes, except the stripe is not horizontal, or vertical, or even 45 degrees to the selvage. But it was only a dollar a yard, so I thought – what the heck. Its pretty perfect for me to use to try out the pattern. I had cut the front and back patterns not on a fold so that I can achieve a slight chevron striped look, which is actually quite flattering. I also made sure to match the stripes between the front and the back pattern pieces. I forgot to match the sleeves, but i think it looks fine.

I used an XS on the pattern, even though with my current measurement I should really be a medium. Perhaps my knit material is more stretchy than they expected. Also, I had to chop off a lot of materials on the long back — otherwise the back seam reaches almost to my knees!

Other than those, I think I might use this pattern again after I find myself some thicker knit to work with — sweater time! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Oversized Knit top

  1. I got fabric like that from hancocks recently too, a different stripe pattern that was just a little bit off kilter. But hey, it was only a dollar a yard so who’s complaining? Your tshirt looks really nice and comfy!

    1. hehehe, yeap yeap, no complaints at $1 a yard fabric. its the same amount of work pattern matching anyhow! 😉 just make sure it doesnt affect the drape obviously!

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