Beard Papa!

My husband always wanted a big, full beard. Unfortunately, he’s known as a hairless wonder and currently sports even less hair than I do (pregnancy hair, eeeeks!). While I love the lack of hair, he’s always told me that he wants a big big beard. So when I came across a beard-beanie on pinterest, I just had to make one for him!

I found a pretty good free pattern here. It took me a while to figure out how to do provisional cast on, and I found this video to be most helpful for that. Then at the end, the I-cord part was really difficult for me to figure out. I combined things I learnt from these three videos to figure out what to do. (Instead of making the i-cord with 7 stitches as the pattern might be suggesting, I knit three times before knitting two together… so I think its a 3/4 string i-cord?)

I used bulky acrylic yard with US13/9mm sized needle, and the fit seems to come out fine. I was really hoping to use wool/cotton, but wool is scratchy, and there’s no bulky cotton at the store. But my husband wants to wear this to snowboarding as well, so acrylic was a much better choice than cotton anyhow!

I think he looks pretty awesome with a beard, and he cant stop giggling when he first put it on 🙂

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