T-shirt Yarn Sweater — Dont do it!

(No baby yet, booo!)

I saw some tutorials on pintest on how to turn Tshirt into yarn, and I thought its the greatest idea ever!  My husband has a bunch of old Tshirt that he just used to clean stuff around the garage and toss. So I took some of the black ones, thinking it would be great for a chunky sweater. I tried looking up on the internet to see if anyone else had made a sweater from Tshirt yarn but didnt find much, so I decided to just start knitting it and see how it goes.

The Tshirt was cut into 1/2 (some times less) inch stripe and turned into yard. I used a size 15 needle and it knits up very nicely. However, after about 1.5 Tshirt worth of yarn, I realized that the end product is going to be super duper stiff, and heavy, and thick. Its not going to be comfortable as a sweater at all!

So I am here to report — unless you have the patience and scissor skills to make thinner yarn, dont use T-shirt yard for sweaters. They are super great for crafts though! I think they would make great rugs, placemat, dishtowel, and coaster!

4 thoughts on “T-shirt Yarn Sweater — Dont do it!

  1. That’s innovative! I love your blog, you make such pretty clothes! Hope the baby comes soon.
    I have an question – I saw some of your old projects and was wondering how you made the frog buttons (for the qipao) – the old link you posted does not work anymore and I found a lot of confusing ones online. If you happen to know of a good tutorial do let me know. Thanks!

      1. Thanks for the link! I’ve been thinking about making one, I’m new to sewing so drawing inspiration from fun websites like yours 🙂 If I do make one, I’ll definitely share pictures.

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