Snowflake Cocoon Coat

Thank you everyone for your congratulations and well wishes on the arrival of little Kaylee. All three of us are doing great and we are enjoying her very much. Taking care of a baby isnt as horrible /sleep depriving as most people made it out to be, but I am really lucky to have my hubby home this month to take care of her together.


When I was waiting for Kaylee’s arrival, I decided to start making another coat to keep my mind off the wait. I got this very cute poly-wool  (10% wool, 90% polyester) from Hancock. I know I had said before — never polyester again for a coat. But when I saw the snow flake pattern I just could not resist. Despite the inferior material content, it is very thick, warm, and soft.  I bought it, and decided to try using the burda 03/2010 coat 101A pattern again. However, I wanted it to be more of a cocoon shape instead of flaring out. So I simply took the side seams in smoothly on the bottom, also made the sleeves straight instead of flared.





I modified the collar a little so it bubbles up. Originally I wanted to make a hoodie, but I only got 2 yards and there was not enough left to make a hoodie. So a bubbly collar will do.

This is the first time I made welted pocket with a tab, I like it quite a lot. I think I will do it in the future again!

I also hand bounded the button holes. Its not as neat as I’d like, but oh wells.



I had the lining polyester from when I first started sewing in late 2007. I bought it for a dress but never used it. Im glad I didnt because its perfect as lining! My coat is snowy on the outside, and summery on the inside!

I finished this coat way before the day we went into the hospital to induce Kaylee (she was 10 days late). But it did keep me occupied for two days! I love it very much  and I can honestly say that this is one of the better quality coat Ive made (everything is perfect except for the button holes). When I showed my dad the coat, he said “your workmanship is really good!”, which is quite something, as he’s got a high standard for sewn goods!


We went to a park for a short walk near our house two days ago as it was a really sunny and warm day. Its so nice to be walking outside for a change. Being shut in the house for two weeks and not sewing really does something to me (and just knitting just isnt cutting it). Im glad to be able to walk around now! Little Kaylee loves being carried around in her sling too (and the coat is roomy enough to wrap around her)!

9 thoughts on “Snowflake Cocoon Coat

  1. So cute! And glad to hear that you are adjusting to motherhood quickly and easily. So nice that you get to have your husband home for the month–I wouldn’t know for sure, but can imagine that makes it much easier.

  2. Cute coat. The fabric is adorable and i like the tulip shape on you.

    It is also very encouraging to me to hear that taking care of a baby isn’t as hard as most people tell you. Thanks for that!

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