Baby Sweater

I finally was able to finish this baby sweater. It took a lot more yarn and time than I expected. I used the same yarn as my vintage sweater, and even though this one is for 18 month only, it took 3.5 balls, half of what it took for mine!! I guess next time i would be more aware of the kind of stitch and needle size when choosing quick projects.

Pattern was free from lion brand, and because the yarn I used was too “neat”, it didnt look like animal fur. so instead of two ears I attached a cute yarn ball. I need to fix the stitches used to join the sleeves and the bodice together, as it seems a little too tight and none elastic. Also need to figure out how to attach a zipper in the front. I made the 18 month sweater expecting her to wear it sometimes in the fall next year when she’s 12 month. Currently she’s only 5 weeks, but she’s almost out grown her 3 month jamies and is wearing some 6 month ones. Scary!

4 thoughts on “Baby Sweater

  1. So cute! I love the yarn ball. Can she wear this now? You know, maybe just a big button- maybe another yarn ball- would do instead of the zipper =)

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