Outfit – Bubbly Rider

I had been following quite a few non-sewing fashion blogs lately, and I really enjoy seeing how they throw an outfit together. I had also been cleaning out my closet. For the past few years, I had been reluctant to throw out clothing. As a result, I have a bunch of clothing that I dont wear much because they dont fit/are not appropriate, or a bunch of clothing that had been over-worn and looks old and raggy.

So I am going to try and take pictures of outfits that I like, and hopefully get down to a more efficient wardrobe. When I make clothing, I will also have to think more about what is missing in my closet (for now: sweater dresses, jegging), instead of just sewing what I like (coats coats coats!).

Lastly, I can report some of my purchases to fellow petites who doesnt sew!

Here’s my first outfit!

  • Hat: thrifted
  • Circular scarf: self-made
  • Coat: self-made here, minus the weird lapel. I finally bite the bullet and just cut the extra lapel off, its so much better without it! sometimes less is better.
  • Dress: self-made here
  • Legging: bought from walmart
  • boots: Steve Madden Lindley boots, I love the contrasting zipper. The boots are a tad too tall for me and I’m 4’11 with what I hope proportionate legs. When I sit down, the knee bend hits the back of the boots. Its still comfy as it has a vent, and I love the look and the flat heel. I found mine at half price ($120) at 6pm, its still the most expensive pair of shoes I own, but I totally love it. I see the small sizes for black color one on sale here!


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